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YES I STILL DO PIANO TUNINGS! (Updated Autumn of 2017) 


Best way to reach me is by email at 

2nd Best way to reach me is to text or call my cell phone at:




If you call me I may not answer my phone immediately

but will endeavor to answer your voicemail message 

as soon as possible. 


  • Serving Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.
  • Now celebrating 42 years in the profession 
  • 11 years with Baldwin Piano Company in Cincinnati, now independent.
  • Steinway dealership trained with state and federal certification.

Services Include:

  • REPAIRS, minor repairs and adjustments including:
  •  pitch raises, action adjustments, action regulation, individual string replacements and pedal adjustments. Experienced in all facets of both vertical and grand piano regulation and repairs.


  • INCORPORATING a lifetime of experience in diagnosing and resolving problems with sticking and sluggish keys.


Text or call Call Frank Renfrow at 859-653-1460




Steinway Uprights that have passed through the Piano Cincinnati shop (no longer available)




1911 Mahogany Steinway & Sons Upright Piano

Very nice ivories, a very nice Steinway! Original mahogany finish,

former pianola player parts have been removed, expansive

soundboard gives this instrument an exceptional tone.

Sounds, plays great, tuned at A440!

Dimensions 62 1/2 X 30 1/2 X 53 h

serial number 148784

1886 Ebony Steinway & Sons Upright Piano

This Steinway Upright Piano has a very nice Victorian era styling and appearance.

Very nice keys (it has modern keytop replacements), a very nice Steinway! 

Serial number 55987

1910 Mahogany Steinway & Sons Upright Piano

This Steinway Upright Piano has an unusually fine mahogany grain,

 Very close to flame mahogany in aspect, with cabriole-style legs

  The action is in very good condition for it's age. 

Very nice ivories, a very nice Steinway! Sounds, plays great.

serial number 142642

1875 Steinway & Sons fine Victorian Upright Piano

This is a very early Steinway Upright with an 85 key compass.

 beautiful original rosewood finish, wonderful Victorian styling,

 and finely carved cabriole style legs.

This Steinway has new strings, new tuning pins, new hammers

 and new damper felts as well.

A very nice playing and sweet sounding early cottage upright.



Text or Call Frank Renfrow at 859-653-1460